Friday, 13 July 2012

Deco Child - S&G

Back in January, Deco Child (aka London-based producer Alex Lloyd) released Pray - a contemporary piece of haunting solemnity - and S&G is the follow-up single.

The title refers to Simon & Garfunkel, Lloyd mimicking their DIY recording practices and use of found sound samples.  This is particularly apparent in the percussive beats - taps and clicks layered with processed drums with dizzying effect.  Spectral electronica, mesmeric keyboards and warped vocals turn this seven minute marvel into a richly textured slice of haunting trance, typical of Lloyd's style.

Accompanying track Diamond Drops is also suitably titled, digital raindrops falling on percussion splashes, an autotuned R&B vocal calling through the atmospheric mist.  With Lloyd currently working on a full album, the soundtrack to your most blissful moments is nearly at hand.


Listen: S&G is available now.