Wednesday 4 July 2012

Madeon - Finale

Can French whizz-kid Madeon do no wrong?  Finale is another slice of his electronic genius and yet another example of his musical Midas touch, following hot on the heels of Icarus.

Stylistically, Madeon is the love-child of his French forbears Daft Punk and Justice.  Finale has a strong resemblance to the latter with its awesome synth guitar hooks, but the hyper energy of the pop-house production is a clear influence of Daft Punk.  It feels more grounded than the lofty dreaming of Icarus, with a slower pulse and a heavier, emphatic beat.  Yet it still bears Madeon's trademark chopping, sampling and glittering neon glow beneath the vocals, in a dynamic display of contemporary disco.

And to think he's still only 18.  Just bring out a full album already...


Listen: Finale will be released worldwide on July 22nd.