Tuesday 24 July 2012

Bat For Lashes - Laura

As an introduction to her forthcoming album 'The Haunted Man', Laura is as stripped bare as the recently revealed album cover (pictured).

It's certainly missing some of the fantastical bombast Natasha Khan is best known for - Daniel's haunting synths and strings; the pounding tribal drums of Glass; or the mystical lyrics that permeate all of her work.  Gone, too, is her alter-ego Pearl.  This is Khan naked - literally and figuratively.

What's gained is power through simplicity.  The lilting piano accompaniment rocks as Khan comforts a friend  who's been "left behind" in adolescence, driven along by cello undercurrent and the soft warmth of brass.  It's the storytelling that grabs the listener though, Khan's broken voice yearning towards the chorus refrain "you're the glitter in the dark...Laura you're more than a superstar", the sentiment mirrored nicely by the video.

Art-house pop is at the core of her sound - even without the bells and whistles, Khan retains a sense of ethereal wonder.  Perhaps, as the cover suggests, 'The Haunted Man' will provide a more intimate look at the real Khan behind the fantasy.


Listen: 'The Haunted Man' is released on October 15th.

Watch: Khan will be touring the UK in the autumn to promote the new album.