Monday 16 July 2012

Twin Shadow - Confess

*sigh* Yet another 80's inspired album?  With bands like M83 at the forefront of the 80's dream-pop revival and the excellent soundtrack to Drive already available, do we need more of this stuff?

Yes. Yes we do - because 'Confess' is more than worthy of your time.

It's the sophomore album from Twin Shadow, aka American musician George Lewis Jr, following a motorbike accident.  The production of 'Confess' replicates the exhilaration of getting back on the road, chasing the sun down empty highways - all driving drum patterns and reverbed guitar riffs.

The sound is firmly in 80's New Wave rock-pop territory.  Lead single Five Seconds has more than a passing resemblance to Don Henley's Boys of Summer with its shuffling beats and electric guitar arpeggios.  The opening of Run My Heart could be taken straight from The Police, whilst The One has a ska flavour reminiscent of The Cure.  Lewis Jr's Prince-esque vocal comes across in You Call Me On, which combines rock distortion with R&B rhythms typical of the 80's star.  Yet where the obvious influences may be derivative, the tight production is polished and buffed to a shimmer only possible today with its modern washes of electronica.

Pop is at the heart of every track, catchy riffs and melodic hooks in abundance.  The key change in Be Mine Tonight particularly springs to mind, but manages to steer clear of cliche.  The result is a series of euphoric, widescreen anthems screaming for the volume to be cranked up.


Gizzle's Choice:
* You Call Me On
* Run My Heart
* Be Mine Tonight

Listen: 'Confess' is available now.

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