Wednesday 25 July 2012

Wiley feat Ms D - Heatwave

Wiley and Dizzee Rascal have been feuding for years.  But just as Dizzee has moved from underground grime artist to mainstream success, Wiley is following suit - Heatwave is his most commercial single since 2008's Wearing My Rolex.

It's very much a song of two halves.  The grime influence comes from Wiley's less than satisfying rap sections.  After the build up of Ms D's vocals, his rapping doesn't pack the necessary punch with shallow lyrics that reference ice cream, slush puppies and trying his luck with the "gyals".

Then there's the aforementioned vocal section from Ms D - an endlessly repeated refrain that's one of the catchiest hooks of the summer.  Like mosquitos, Heatwave arrives with the sun in infectious, irritating form.  It's also bound to be a big hit once it's released next week, the video replicating the song's summer vibe - even if it looks like a cheap version of David Guetta and Akon's Sexy Chick (and that's saying something).


Listen: Heatwave is released July 29th.