Monday 30 July 2012

Example - Say Nothing

Elliot Gleave's last single was the synth-fuelled Midnight Run, with it's bass wobbles and saw-tooth stabs.  As an introduction to his upcoming (as yet unnamed) fourth album, Say Nothing couldn't be more different.  Gleave has promised a rock album and the change in sound is immediately clear.

That said, shoving some guitars into the Example electro-pop sound does not instantly make this rock - with plenty of synths, it's closer to Coldplay than anything.  Gleave is also aiming for that big anthemic chorus, but here just repeats the same hook endlessly.  And of course the track features a trademark rap that makes this an Example track through and through.

Yet with this change of sound, the electric whizzing production his previous releases are reknowned for is sorely missed.  More importantly, the whole double negative of the chorus is grammatically unacceptable.


Listen: Say Nothing is released on 16th September.