Thursday 14 July 2011

Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend

You've got to hand it to Robyn, she definitely makes the best of a bad situation.  Her biggest tracks have been about heartbreak (namely With Every Heartbeat and Dancing On My Own) but each is wrapped up in a perfect electropop package.  Call Your Girlfriend follows the same principle (though from a different angle), but why deviate from such a winning formula?

This track is the latest single from her most recent album 'Body Talk'.  It's one of the more radio friendly tracks on the album, typical of her electro style with an infectious drum beat that kicks in after thirty seconds.  Essentially it's a guide to breaking up a relationship gently - if that's even possible - which all comes down to honesty.  And honesty is the key word with much of her music, heart firmly stuck to the sleeve.

But it's the video that epitomises most what I love about Robyn.  Though in the spotlight, she dances with reckless abandon like nobody is watching: eyes closed, hands in the air, spinning in circles.  It's like she's channeling a disco-ballerina and the freedom of a toddler, shouting "this is me; deal with it" before wiping the sweat from her brow at the end.  I love that.