Saturday 16 July 2011

Leona Lewis - Collide

Over her limited career, Leona has proven herself to be the master of the ballad - from Bleeding Love to Run and I See You from the Avatar soundtrack.  Forgive Me proved she is capable of a decent up tempo track, but she's been restricted and labelled as a one-trick pony.

It's an epithet this song only fuels further - essentially a ballad dressed up in faux-dance production.  Whilst her voice soars as she sings "Crash into me at full speed" (a rather suicidal lyric), it's never given the full reign it deserves.  By not following a normal verse-chorus structure it feels unsatisfying.  And the only word to describe the production is dull.

All in all this is utter drivel.  Leona is in need of a career boost, but this track isn't it.