Monday 4 July 2011

Maverick Sabre - Let Me Go

This is the first single from Maverick Sabre (a.k.a Michael Stafford), after featuring on tracks by Chase & Status and Professor Green amongst others.  Can he now make it alone?

Well, sort of.  This is the kind of track that really grabs you on first listen.  It's soul meets hip-hop - a beat that punches you in the stomach, coupled with a smooth vocal and funky horns to rub it better.  It's an enjoyable collision of genres with almost universal appeal.

Yet it's a collision that's been done before.  You never quite shake the feeling that Sabre is just Plan B mark two (Plan C?), swimming along in his wake.  The production is straight out of Mark Ronson's rule book.  And after repeated listening, the faux-Jamaican accent starts to grate.

So it's not the most original of tracks.  But that initial punch leaves a bruise that's hard to get rid of - the chorus kicks in and you'll be hard-pressed to stop your foot tapping.