Saturday 2 July 2011

Lana Del Rey - Video Games

Del Rey is a rather dichotomous character.  In her own words she's a "gangsta Nancy Sinatra" - the perfect epithet.  She's equal parts retro jazz singer and modern hip-hop pop; young and innocent yet dark and sexy.  Just take a look at the contrasting tracks on her YouTube channel.  Move over Rihanna: Del Rey is the new good girl gone bad.

Video Games is infused with a sense of lost glamour, harking back to the old Hollywood stars of the past.  It's dark and cinematic, reflected in the video - a montage of clips where old and new collide (kudos if you can name all the video game and film references).  But essential to the song's success is the vocal.  It's deep, husky and sultry, reflecting her jazz heritage and the lazy delivery is instantly cool.

The whole sound is totally individual in today's chart with a unique, beautiful vocal.  Definitely one to watch.