Saturday 26 March 2011

Katy B - Broken Record


A thin plastic disc carrying recorded sound in grooves on each surface, for reproduction by a record player.

Convert (sound or a performance) into a permanent form for subsequent reproduction or broadcast.

Katy B seems to have got a little confused with this.  I'm sure she means the former - so why sing the latter?  At first I thought she was singing "like a broken rip-cord".

Pronunciation aside, this is a fairly average pop-dance crossover.  First single Katy On A Mission was a fresh dubstep-pop track, shooting the singer into the spotlight.  But clearly she's struggling with fame, reduced to releasing this generic record.  The garage beat is catchy enough, but the vocal is weak.  More so I'm confused at the relevance of 'broken record' in the slushy lyrics - the only thing broken should be her career.