Wednesday 9 March 2011

Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath

Last November I reviewed Scherzinger's Poison, a well constructed and catchy pop-dance track.  Don't Hold Your Breath works in much the same way as simply a vehicle for Scherzinger to pout and look sexy, but yet again she's managed to crack out a decent track.

It's a reworking of a demo track by Keri Hilson featuring Timbaland.  This original has the typical Timbaland production which I prefer, despite the robotic autotuning.  With Scherzinger's version, what was once a two-way argument is now a one-woman heartbreak.  The combination of slick electronica and minor tonality with a punchy, uptempo beat works well as a contemporary pop ballad, though I miss the edgier RnB production of the original.  Like Poison, it's hardly innovative but is similarly a radio-friendly piece of fluff I'll happily crank up the volume for.

The video's not bad either.  Nice use of lighting and...erm...wind.