Thursday 10 March 2011

Beth Ditto - I Wrote The Book

This week, Beth Ditto releases her self-titled debut EP, of which I Wrote The Book is the headline single.  With her solo work, Ditto has morphed into an electro disco diva, steering her career into a new direction.

It continues on from last year's excellent Cruel Intentions with production by Simian Mobile Disco.  The disco diva persona reveals a different side to Ditto's personality, proving she is more than just a heavy-hitting rock chick.  The vocal feels a little restrained, as you're waiting for her to fully let loose, but it's a welcome change of tact for the singer.  The production is electric, with a pleasingly retro feel.  The video, too, has an almost Madonna-esque feel to it.  Although I Wrote The Book is the single, the other tracks are definitely worth checking out - Open Heart Surgery in particular.

With her debut EP, Ditto is rewriting the book of her career.  It's a brave choice that deserves recognition.