Monday 21 March 2011

George Michael - True Faith

The year is 2111.

After years of lowering birth rates, the world is swept by a wave of ageing populations.  The elderly strive to stay young, strive to stay relevant.  Through advances in cybernetic research, men and women are able to modify their bodies with technology.  What begins as medical aid spirals into addiction, humanity slowly mutating with prosthetic limbs, organs and artificial intelligence.  Superhuman strength, exceptional intelligence and military prowess become the norm.  Life is extended to infinity, humans become cybernetic gods communicating merely in a series of bleeps and bloops.

As the upgrades increase in popularity, the population soon becomes divided - those with and those without modifications; humanity versus the machines.  Nuclear war breaks out and ravages the land.  The earth is savagely destroyed, smothered in perpetual night, the horizon constantly aflame.  All hope is lost.  The machines have won, man has been ruthlessly eliminated.

And across the airwaves, George Michael's True Faith is played on a repeated loop, a constant reminder of the terrible impact of technology on humankind.


(N.B. This score is given purely for the choice of cover song)