Saturday 5 March 2011

Unknown (2011) - Jaume Collet-Serra

Despite the name, you know exactly what you're getting yourself into the moment the lights go down in the cinema.

Unknown is a pretty standard thriller starring Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger.  Neeson plays Dr Martin Harris who, on a trip to Berlin, is involved in a car accident with the unwitting Gina (Kruger).  Afterwards his identity is stolen and he sets out to discover why.  It's got everything you'd expect - mystery, crime, car chases, plenty of action and a rather implausible plot that doesn't quite satisfy in the end.  It's essentially a poor man's Bourne Identity, though the ride is thrilling enough.  The special effects are a bit poor though.

For a Saturday afternoon's entertainment, it's not bad - the story is intriguing enough and the acting is credible.  But once the lights go up, Unknown lives up to its name and its forgettable nature becomes clear.