Thursday 24 March 2011

Friendly Fires - Live Those Days Tonight

The sun's been out this week and this weekend the clocks come forward.  Summer is officially on the way.  What better way to celebrate than this awesome track from Friendly Fires, a taster of their upcoming album 'Pala'?

If you could distill summer and sell it in bottles, it would be something like this.  Then again, the band seem to have thrown everything into this track.  It's an amalgam of funk, indie-electronica and pop, with an early '90s rave flavour to it that manages to sound fresh.  The heavy percussion is like the Notting Hill Carnival stampeding through your ears.  There are perhaps too many layers to the production that threated to overpower the vocal, but the band manage to hold all the elements together.  It's vibrant and energetic - expect to hear this on dancefloors and at festivals across the country throughout the summer months and beyond.