Wednesday 16 March 2011

Nero - Guilt

Zane Lowe describes this track as a combination of Nero's previous records Innocence and the previously reviewed Me And YouThis is a perfect description.  Guilt fuses the catchy female vocal and opening trance feel of the former with the hard-hitting energy of the latter, creating another dub-step track brimming with raw power.  Like both tracks, Guilt will get your blood pumping and have you quaking on the dancefloor.

It's an awesome record on an epic scale, though my preference is for the previous efforts.  I'm certainly looking forward to their forthcoming album, but I worry about where the duo can go next.  With these three tracks the levels have already been pushed to the max - will a full album be too overwhelming?

Still, after the anime video of Innocence and Tron inspired video of Me And You, I'm more excited to see what the video for Guilt will be like.  I'm hoping the Bladerunner-esque synths in the middle-eight will prove inspirational.


Update: The official video is now released!