Thursday 15 December 2011

The Thirst - Set It Alight

The Thirst combine funk, rock and soul into their own unique brand of 'electric-groove'.  These four lads from Brixton, London, cite Prince and Jimi Hendrix as two of their major influences.  And it shows - bass and drum grooves melding with funk guitar riffs for vivacious and energetic effect.

Set It Alight features on the band's latest EP 'Laugh With The Sinners', following their debut album 'On The Brink' from 2008.  The track is infectiously rhythmic, with dazzling guitars and frontman Mensah Hart's dynamic vocal.  Electric-groove really is the perfect epithet.  Also on the EP is an awesome cover of Stardust's 1998 hit Music Sounds Better that hypes up the funk factor to new levels.

And best of all?  The EP is free to download from the band's website.  Don't hesitate to snap this up.


Listen:  'Laugh With The Sinners' is available now for free.

Watch: The Thirst are playing at Plan B in London on December 22nd.