Thursday 1 December 2011

The Killers - The Cowboys' Christmas Ball

IT'S NEARLY CHRISTMAS!  And that means the Christmas classics will be resurfacing and the odd new song will try and take hold of our festive spirit.  This will be the fifth Christmas song from The Killers in as many years and is released today, World Aids Day, with proceeds heading to the (RED) campaign.

Now at Christmas, I'm all for a bit of cheese - preferably the edible kind, accompanied by some grapes and crackers.  But this song just takes the biscuit.  It's appalling.  Brandon Flowers tells us a tale of the Cowboys' Christmas Ball "way out in Nevada / where the Truckee's waters flow", filled with horribly cliched cowboy tropes.  As such, it's an American Country romp that, structurally, repeats the same music over and over and is at odds with the anthemic choruses of the band's previous material.  It's quite simply annoying as hell - is Christmas an excuse for bad music? 

Then again, at the least it's a bit of fun.  Now excuse me while I grab my line dancing shoes and gatecrash this Cowboy Ball - as long as there's cheese...