Monday 19 December 2011

A$AP Rocky - Peso

On December 5th the BBC announced the nominees for the BBC Sound of 2012, with the final shortlisted five being announced in early January. The Gizzle will be reviewing each of the fifteen longlisted nominees leading up to the final announcement. 

He comes from Harlem, NY.

He smokes weed.

He calls his mates "niggas" and "mutha fuckas".

And he has a dollar sign in his name.

This guy isn't a rapper - he's a cliche.

But is his music any good?  No.  

Real name Rakim Mayers, he's part of the A$AP Crew - Always Strive And Prosper.  I don't think this will happen.  Peso was released earlier this year following his debut Purple Swag.  Icy synths, a laidback beat and some very dull rapping about drugs, bitches and that notorious "swagger".  And yet he has the audacity to claim his mixtape 'LiveLoveA$AP' (pictured), released back in October, is "better than a lot of people's albums".  I don't think so bruv.


Listen: Peso is available now, with an album to follow in the new year.