Thursday 22 September 2011

Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris - We Found Love

It's fair to say that Rihanna has become a veritable music machine, churning out pop non-stop.  This track is the first from her upcoming album in November, her sixth album to date since her career begain in 2005.  That's one every year, except 2008.

It's also fair to say that her records have been pretty hit and miss, as you'd expect from such rapid releases.  With We Found Love, though, she's luckily hit the spot.

Technically, the artists should read "Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna" - it's pretty much exactly what you'd expect from these two, with Harris producing and Rihanna on vocal duties.  Yes this is common denominator dancehall pop, a clear continuation from Only Girl In The World and offering safe expectations for the next album.  Yes that build up would sound more fitting in a steamed up, sweaty European techno club.  And yes the chorus is a little too repetitive.  But the melodic hooks are catchy and the euphoric synths will induce fist pumping, alcohol infused dancing in clubs across the globe. 

Now what I'd really like to see accompanying this is Rihanna writhing around dressed in African tribal gear...