Friday 23 September 2011

Kele feat. Lucy Taylor - What Did I Do

Kele is apparently worried he's been kicked out of Bloc Party after reports the band have been rehearsing without him.  What did he do?  More importantly, does anyone care when his solo material is of this calibre?

This deserves to ride high in the charts quicker than you can say Magnetic Man.  After 'The Boxer' featuring the single Tenderoni, What Did I Do is his most accessible material yet and the first track from upcoming EP 'The Hunter'.  Lucy Taylor takes the fore vocally, backed by slick dubstep production with fuzzing sub-bass, sharp percussive rhythms and a snapping snare drum.  The vocal melodies, backed by Kele in the chorus, are catchy and well sung - the repeated chorus refrain especially.  It may not be as progressive as some fans would like, but hey, this is undoubtedly a great record.  And the video's pretty sexy to boot.