Wednesday 7 September 2011

Four Lions (2010) - Christopher Morris

It takes a brave director to create a comedy about terrorists, but Christopher Morris has done just that.  The four lions in question are four British Muslims who we follow through their terrorist training and subsequent attempts to declare jihad.  Their targets?  A mosque; a marathon; and a Boots.

It’s a topical comedy, typical from the creator of Brass Eye, but with a serious undertone.  The juxtaposition of their training in Pakistan and their lives in England is representative of this diaspora, outsiders in all forms of society.  But their attempts at anarchy prove hilarious: from exploding crows to insurgent videos, this is black comedy of the highest order.  The documentary-style camerawork heightens the realism of the piece, culminating in the film’s shocking conclusion.  It’s testament to the acting and script that four potential terrorists could be portrayed so endearingly.  This is British-Asian filmmaking at its best.

Roooaaar.  Click.  Boom.


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