Thursday 15 September 2011

Matt Cardle - Run For Your Life

I don't know whether to laugh at the sheer predictability, cry at the lack of effort, vomit until my stomach cramps or simply fall asleep. 

Or all four.

Penned by new X Factor judge Gary Barlow, this is apparently the only track on the album that Cardle hasn't co-written - and tellingly it's the first single, designed to have the most impact.  From the opening chords you know what to expect - a soppy, guitar-driven, indie-pop ballad, with identikit production to Cardle's winning song, Collide.  You'd expect a little more from him, considering he showed some talent during the final stages of last year's competition.  More so, you'd expect more from Mr Barlow - clearly this is just a rejected song he thought he'd make some cash out of.

It's almost too easy to rip this utter shite into shreds.  Instead, I'll extract some choice phrases from the song itself which sum it up nicely:

"You’re worth more, you’re worth more than this"
"There’s no time, there’s no time for this"
"You’ll find more, you’ll find more than this"
"Don’t waste time, don’t waste time with this"
"So run for your life" [lest your ears bleed]