Monday 25 October 2010

Nadine Coyle - Insatiable

Everyone has their favourite member of Girls Aloud - I always felt Nadine was the most...erm...talented.  But now that Cheryl is 'the nation's sweetheart' (really?!), this single is Coyle's push to steal the pop crown.

It's certainly a better effort than Promise This.  It's total pop, but with a slightly rockier, funkier edge and a bright brassy chorus.  It's catchy, though it feels like Coyle is trying a bit too hard to be sexy and lyrically this is simplistic stuff.  I also hate the vocoder in the middle eight. 

Still, it's not a bad effort - the focus is clearly on the vocal rather than tabloid headlines (yes, I'm looking at you Cheryl...).  Let's be honest, both songs are a bit shite, but for me Nadine has the vocal edge.