Saturday 16 October 2010

Groove Armada @ O2 Academy Birmingham

Groove Armada may not quite be at the forefront of music these days (minus that irritating car advert...), but this gig proved the guys have still got the groove.

This is music with a kick.  The majority of the gig consisted of material from their most recent album Black Light, History featuring Will Young being a particular highlight, as well as Paper Romance and Look Me In The Eye Sister.  But later came the brilliant Song 4 Mutya and an encore of At the River and Superstylin' which really got the audience going (including the annoying git who through beer all down my back...).  From a dance group, it was fantastic to see electro music taken off the computer and performed by a live band. Awesome stuff.

Special mention should be given to the female vocalist SaintSaviour, whose performance made up for the fairly wooden band.  As the outfits became skimpier, the dancing became more and more hypnotic and erotic (thrusting revealed new uses for a microphone...).  You could practically smell the sweat dripping down her cleavage - she looked knackered by the end.  The jamaican dude is simply a legend.  The lighting too was incredible.  The whole back wall was covered in flashing bulbs and neon lasers showered the audience, making for a truly spectacular show.  Close your eyes and it was almost Glasto. Almost.