Wednesday 6 October 2010

Beyonce - If I were a boy

I thought I'd do a short review of this turd of a song, after all the recent exposure it's had on X-Factor sung by hundreds of Beyonce wannabes.  It just reminded me how bad this song is.

Now I'm not doubting that Beyonce herself is a beautiful, talented woman whose voice I could listen to all day.  The song has a powerful melody, is well produced and has a good video to boot.  But what I cannot abide by is the sexist and generalising lyrics. Not every guy 'drinks beer with the guys'. Not every guy lies about 'sleeping alone'.  Not every guy 'puts himself first'.

In short, not every guy is a lying, cheating bastard who ill-treats women.  If I were a boy?  Stick to being an independant woman Beyonce. Trust me.

But hey, I'm just a boy.  What do I know...?