Sunday 11 February 2018

Rae Morris - Someone Out There

Rae Morris - Someone Out There

We've all imagined that moment: full of heartbreak, you step outside into the night, rain pouring down your cheeks and melting into your tears. You imagine you're in a film as you soak to the bone, shivering from cold and outpouring emotion, before walking away cleansed.

Rae Morris has encapsulated that in a song. "I chose to call it time," she begins on Wait For The Rain as the storm rumbles, "I need to wash away the hours I cried last night". And then she steps out into the chorus - "I cannot wait for the rain to make a woman of me again" - as the music swells and soars. It's a stunning release of emotion.

'Someone Out There' marks a turning point for Rae Morris, from quiet singer-songwriter to alt-pop star. It's no wonder she returned singing of being reborn: written and produced by Fryars, this second album is full of invention and experimentation.

The theme of rebirth runs through much of 'Someone Out There'. After being pushed to her limit on the opening track, she spends the rest of the album moving on. On Atletico (The Only One) she leaves her light on for a potential lover, synths fizzing with anticipation. Do It is a rush of excitement, the repeated lyrics urgently yet playfully driving forward towards a rousing key change. And Dip My Toe flutters with nervous sexual tension: "We'd better hope our bodies rhyme," she notes before warning "if the sparks don't fly, you can wave bye-bye."

The rest of the album sees her further experimenting with this new fizzing pop sound. Rose Garden juxtaposes throbbing bass and neon synths with a delicate piano refrain; Dancing With Character is a cute and intimate album closer that nevertheless throws the production widescreen. Ballads like the title track are a little too saccharine, but it's clear that Rae Morris has found her voice and re-established herself with a fun pop album full of warmth and creativity - even in the rain.


Gizzle's Choice:
* Atletico (The Only One)
* Do It
* Wait For The Rain

Listen: 'Someone Out There' is out now.