Thursday 9 May 2013

Editors - A Ton of Love

Editors were a key component in the rise of 00's indie rock, which for some will bring back memories of glum melodies and miserable guitars.

Not so fast!  Editors have always risen above the dirge - their first album nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2006 and their following two albums hitting the top of the charts.  Now the Birmingham band return with a distinctly rockier edge.

A Ton Of Love is taken from the band's forthcoming album 'The Weight Of Your Love' (pictured) and is their first release since the departure of founding member Chris Urbanowicz - hence the change in musical direction.  Their sound has increased to stadium filling proportions, with more than a little dash of U2 in the reverbed guitar lines and Bono-esque lyrics like "I don't trust the government, I don't trust myself, what's a boy going to do?".  This remains unmistakably an Editors track, however, owing largely to Tom Smith's gritty vocals that soar in the repeated refrain of "desire".

Indie rock may have fallen out of favour in recent years, but with Editors now emphasising rock over indie, A Ton Of Love marks a solid return to form.


Listen: A Ton Of Love is released on 24th June, with album 'The Weight Of Your Love' arriving on July 1st.