Wednesday 22 May 2013

Robin Thicke feat. T.I. & Pharrell - Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines has already been out for a while in the States and, on its release next week in the UK, is poised to be one of the party anthems of the summer.  The production is typical of Pharrell, who’s enjoying something of a renaissance at the moment between this and Get Lucky.  Sparse yet funky, with Prince-esque vocals from Thicke and Michael Jackson “WOOs”, the beat is fun and sexy and reflects a foray into mainstream pop territory for Thicke. 

But that’s…it.  Beat aside, there is very little to this song – musically or lyrically.  It’s at least two verses too long, whilst T.I.’s rap adds nothing.  The lyrics are the usual vacuous R&B affair concerning girls and sex – “you’re an animal…just let me liberate you”, “what rhymes with hug me?”.  Is the genre that stale there’s nothing else to sing about?

The controversial video only  heightens this sentiment, which sees the three men cavorting with half naked models (in the ‘unrated’ version at least) whilst #THICKE and #BLURREDLINES flash up on the screen in irritating fashion.  Thicke is the very definition of sleaze, eyeing up the girls and the camera whilst “Robin Thicke has a big dick" is displayed on the wall behind him.  But apparently he asked for his wife’s permission first, so that makes it ok.  Right?


Listen: Blurred Lines is released on 26th May.