Saturday 23 February 2013

Kleerup & Loreen - Requiem Solution

Swedish producer Kleerup has a habit of pairing up with some of his native country's biggest artists.  Not satisfied with kick-starting Robyn's career with the excellent With Every Heartbeat, a track that appears on his debut self-titled album (released in 2009) alongside further collaborations with Lykke Li and Tityo amongst others, Kleerup has now joined forces with woman of the moment Loreen a year after her formidable Eurovision win.

The pair recently performed Requiem Solution acoustically at the Swedish Grammy Awards, but any fears that Kleerup has eschewed his usual electronic production are quickly allayed in the recorded version.  Centred on a gently pulsing piano line, the haunting atmosphere is complimented by both moody strings and downbeat electronica, whilst Loreen delicately sings of "knocking on heaven's door" and being "touched by an angel".

Requiem Solution does lack a remarkable chorus and, as such, doesn't match Kleerup's previous work or Loreen's Euphoria.  That said, the combination of these two indomitable forces is another weapon in the considerable armoury of Swedish pop.


Listen: Requiem Solution is available now.