Wednesday 20 February 2013

Yadi - The Blow

"Our youth is over, the bullet fills the hole, the pain has left me feeling love"

Is this an elaborate metaphor for losing your virginity, or do I just have a dirty mind?

Either way, London-based Yadi has delivered another superb pop track after last year's EP 'Guillotine'.  The soaring guitars, the yearning vocal, the urgent drumming and unrelenting bassline - it all encapsulates the dizzying rush of young love.  "Your love is like a gunshot in a bloody show", may seem a little violent (it's unlikely this would go down too well in the US), but this is an impassioned pop track from a talented performer who is definitely one to watch for 2013.

There's also a decent remix from Joe Goddard, if you're after a more dancey vibe.


Listen: 'The Blow' is available now.