Saturday 21 May 2011

The Saturdays - Notorious

Now there's a very obvious reason to be excited about a new Saturday's single.  Visually at least.

It's a shame then that the music doesn't match.  The girls have had a few decent pop tracks in the past, but Notorious just doesn't hit the mark.  It's always a bad sign when the first bit of singing is so overly autotuned it sounds like a squeaking Barbie doll.  The production is typically dance tinged and lyrically, this is vacuous stuff - "I'm like, I'm like, I'm like this beat, yes, crazy and infectious".  Erm... not really.

Most criminal of all though is the chorus - or distinct lack-of.  More so than being bad and gangster, the girls are notorious for their catchy, hook-laden choruses.  But this song is an absolute anticlimax, crescendoing to nothing.  Couple that with the visuals and it's like a teenage boy's wet dream, but without the happy ending.

For my money, there's only one track that can bare the name 'Notorious' and that's this