Saturday 28 May 2011

Blue Valentine (2010) - Derek Cianfrance

Less a film, more an insight into a real relationship.

Except, it's acted.

Williams and Gosling give stellar performances in this romance drama detailing a tumultuous relationship.  The narrative is fragmented, juxtaposing episodes of the birth and death of marriage.  This contrast gives the plot emotional weight and clever directorial touches link the plotlines together.  Gradually alternating in quicker succession, these plotlines merge together to depict a pessimistic view of love through the generations.  The title says it all concisely enough - this whirlwind romance will leave you feeling blue.

The success of the film, though, is wholeheartedly down to the central performances.  Totally believable, much of the dialogue was improvised which proves the emotional investment the actors put into these characters.  And as viewers, we too must invest in the film.  It's slow, rather long and often difficult to watch.  But this is also the beauty of the film - its intensity is testament to the realism it portrays.