Wednesday 18 May 2011

Bounce - Calvin Harris feat. Kelis

This collaboration had the potential to be HUGE. 

Instead it's just disappointing. 

The initial bleeps and bloops wouldn't sound out of place accompanying Mario bouncing along in his early NES days and provide the central hook of this track (ed. I've since realised it's basically the Tetris theme tune).  It's a great hook, if a little overused.  This builds into a twenty-first century rave that has Harris written all over it.  Sure it's catchy enough, but the production feels obvious and lacks excitement.  It never really goes anywhere, so what's meant to be a high energy club track ultimately feels lacklustre.  How ironic with a name like Bounce.  And then there's the lyrics about...well...bouncing.  Imaginative guys...really. 

Both Harris and Kelis have delivered some progressive pop music.  Just consider their previous hits: from Harris' classics Acceptable in the 80s and Not Alone, to Kelis' sexy Milkshake and more recent club hit AcapellaIn fact, just imagine some sort of hybrid Acapella-Not Alone mash-up.  Yeah, that's what this should have been.