Monday 2 June 2014

Cheryl Cole - Crazy Stupid Love

In an interview with Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1 this morning, Cheryl Cole (what happened to Cheryl?) claimed that her new tactic with her forthcoming album is to play each track to her family and gauge their reactions to decide which make the cut.  But are they really the best measure of good taste?

It would appear not.  Cheryl has a great track record so far with lead singles (namely Fight For This Love, Promise This and Call My Name) but has always failed to follow them up successfully.  Crazy Stupid Love is hardly a comparable comeback single, despite sharing its songwriter (Wayne Wilkins) with her debut single.  The catchy pre-chorus sparkles, but it builds to a chorus that’s a complete disappointment – largely because it’s non-existent.  A few hand claps and an annoying saxophone hook do not a chorus make, it simple ensures that Crazy Stupid Love is musically barren.  It’s also incredibly exposing, and we all know she’s hardly BeyoncĂ© when it comes to singing…

Then there’s the inevitable guest rap from Tinie Tempah.  Has he ever had a decent guest rap?  Here he rhymes with all the subtlety of a horny schoolboy: “she had my D now she dickmatised”.  Need I say more?

At the very least, Crazy Stupid Love is a more upbeat, positive track that proves Cheryl has moved on from her past of broken relationships, malaria scares and Will.I.Am collaborations.  I’m sure mentally the past two years on hiatus have done her the world of good - “I can't remember being so excited to be releasing new music” she’s said.  Musically, however, dark Cheryl was a far more exciting prospect.


Listen: Crazy Stupid Love is released on 20th July.