Friday 28 August 2015

Ella Eyre - Feline

Ella Eyre - Feline

Jess Glynne's debut 'I Cry When I Laugh' was released last week and has swiftly hit the top of the charts. That's despite the singer suffering from 'Featured Singer-itus' a not so rare condition where a featured vocalist fails to produce satisfying solo material.

Ella Eyre is bound to suffer the same fate.

In fact, copy and paste this review of Jess Glynne and switch her name to Ella Eyre and every Clean Bandit mention to Rudimental. There. Done.

Just as Glynne spent her album attempting to imitate the success she found with the dance-classical band, Eyre has gone through the exact same process, filling her album with the D&B meets London Soul sound of Rudimental. Together, If I Go, Always, Good Times - they all sound the same and they all sound like Rudimental. And that's just the first four tracks.

And as with Glynne, it's not to say Eyre isn't a talented vocalist, with a rich soulful tone that lends itself to more than just one genre.

Also, THAT hair.

The key difference between Glynne and Eyre is that where Glynne released her album off a string of solo number ones, Eyre is yet to find solo success at all. Instead, she's still best known as "that girl with the big hair who sang on the best Rudimental song that won a Brit award".

That in itself is a real shame. Eyre deserves more. Sassy pop track Comeback and the shuffling Deeper are both great singles that failed to light up the charts. What went wrong? Joe Public currently has no clue as to the personality of Ella Eyre. And after listening to the mediocre 'Feline' they'll be left none-the-wiser.

It might seem unfair to compare Glynne and Eyre. But when their albums are released within a week of one another, the very nature of the charts forces a comparison. And judging by past success, it's clear who will come out on top.


Gizzle's Choice:
* Comeback
* Gravity
* Deeper

Listen: 'Feline' is available now.