Tuesday 7 January 2014

Matrix & Futurebound - Control (feat. Max Marshall)

Control is by no means the first track from DJ/producers Matrix & Futurebound, but it’s likely to be their most successful single to date, let alone the first big dance track of 2014 (even if it was originally released last year).

The producers are known for their drum and bass and Control certainly fits the bill with its rumbling bass lines and up-tempo beats.  Yet far from the usual crash-bang affair, this is a more melodic and radio-friendly form of drum and bass, with pulsating synths and a euphoric vocal from Max Marshall that captures the rush of meeting a new lover.  As she sings in the chorus, “I don’t wanna lose control but the minute I feel you next to me your fire takes hold”. (On a side note, her own soulful hip-hop is well worth a listen - check out Don't Trip)

EDM music doesn’t look to be loosening its grip on the pop charts anytime soon, but Control gets 2014 off to a great start.  Expect to hear it on repeat in the coming weeks.


Listen: Control is available now.