Friday 29 May 2015

Tom Aspaul - Revelation

Tom Aspaul - Revelation

It’s criminal that Tom Aspaul is best known for having a song stolen by Kylie.

Feels So Good was the best track on her 2014 album ‘Kiss Me Once’, but it’s actually a reworking of Aspaul’s Indiana. Does this prove Kylie’s taste in music, or Aspaul’s songwriting ability? Either way, if Kylie’s taking note, so should you.

Indiana was Aspaul’s first release after signing to Little Boots’ label in 2013 (another woman of excellent taste). That track was followed by Pioneer last year and, more recently, New Moon and Good Together. Those last two tracks feature on ‘Revelation’, a mixtape released on YouTube.

Taking inspiration from Frank Ocean, it’s all structured with interludes and radio skits. And just as Ocean’s ‘Channel Orange’ provided the sound of summer 2012, ‘Revelation’ is the perfect summer listen for 2015. Aspaul’s lush production washes over in kaleidoscopic waves of electro-funk and R&B – epitomised by the smooth grooves of Good Together. The Other Room is a quieter affair with Balearic harmonies and a catchy pop chorus; it’s followed by Chocolate II that begins with ambient synths and glittering electronica as warm and comforting as the sun’s rays, before settling into a syncopated beat. Interlude I Luh Ya then sets up the tropical flavour of Revelation.

Best of all is New Moon that samples Carly Simon’s pop classic Why – further evidence of the pop sensibility at the core of Aspaul’s sound, beneath the colourful layers of glossy production. Listening to ‘Revelation’ feels like sinking into a warm ocean, the sun shimmering against the soft rhythm of the waves. Aspaul's music simply has to be on your summer playlist.


Listen: ‘Revelation’ is available now on YouTube.