Friday 3 October 2014

Cheryl - I Don't Care

Look, we all know the best thing Cheryl whatever-her-name-is-now has done on this year’s X Factor is poke herself in the face with a straw.

It’s probably the best thing she’ll do this year, but I Don’t Care comes in a close second.

Forget Crazy Stupid Love, its annoying saxophone riff and lack of chorus.  This should’ve been her comeback single.  It’s frothy, it’s synthy, it’s poppy and it’s fun.  Infectious beats, a sing-along melody and a general sense of joy ensure this is an addictive listen, with a middle-eight that, Popjustice rightly point out, is reminiscent of Kylie’s I Believe In You.  In a very good way.

So, a tick for the production then.  The songwriting, however, lags behind.  I Don’t Care is yet another ‘I’m over you’ anthem, with fun verses (“waking up diagonal like an animal”), a lyrically repetitive chorus and a whole lot of f’ing and blinding.  It’s all a bit forced and begs the question of how it took FOUR songwriters to come up with it.

The video is equally uninspiring, with Cheryl doing a great Nicole Scherzinger impression as she wafts around on a sun-drenched beach.  Sure, she looks great, effortless and smiley, but the video only perpetuates the lyrical repetition, especially with moments like this (courtesy of MuuMuse):

Chill out Cheryl, we get it.  Methinks the lady doth protest too much.


Listen: I Don’t Care is released on 9th November.