Tuesday 20 January 2015

New Pop Roundup

January is notoriously a quiet month for albums, but that doesn't stop us looking towards some top forthcoming releases does it? Here's a bumper pop roundup...

Charli XCX feat. Rita Ora – Doing It

Charli XCX Sucker

In the lead up to the release of ‘Sucker’, Charli has unleashed this absolute pop banger with some extra help from Rita Ora – just in time for some more of her own music, her stint on The Voice and her bit-part in 50 Shades. Charli’s on top form here, more electro-pop than pop-punk, even if Rita’s addition is minimal. Just be careful you don’t get funny looks Googling “charli xcx doing it”.


Listen: Doing It features on Charli’s forthcoming album ‘Sucker’ released 16th February.

Giorgio Moroder feat. Kylie Minogue – Right Here, Right Now

Giorgio Moroder feat. Kylie Minogue Right Here, Right Now

Since assisting Daft Punk with ‘Random Access Memories’, Moroder has certainly come back into fashion. And who better to collaborate with than Ms Minogue? It’s a perfect fit, her fizzing vocals matched by funky beats and stellar production. It’s no Get Lucky, but it proves neither artist is out of touch.


Listen: Right Here, Right Now will be included on Moroder’s forthcoming album coming this spring, also featuring Britney, Charli XCX and Sia.

G.R.L. – Lighthouse

G.R.L. Lighthouse

G.R.L. have bounced back from tragedy with Lighthouse, a tribute to Simone Battle who committed suicide last year. The mid-tempo track is decent in itself, but now loaded with extra meaning it’s sure to bring the girls the success they deserve after the excellent Ugly Heart. It’s not the path anybody wanted, but let’s hope they’re back on track.


Listen: Lighthouse is released on 8th March.

Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do

Ellie Goulding Love Me Like You Do

Post-awards season and 50 Shades is clearly set to be the biggest film of the moment, so it deserves a suitably successful soundtrack. The trailer has been accompanied by a sexy remix of Beyoncé’s Crazy In Love, but this track from Ellie Goulding will likely be played over the closing credits, don’t you think? Written by Max Martin, it’s a soppy electro-ballad that’s in desperate need of a good whipping.


Listen: 50 Shades is released on Valentine’s Day, with the soundtrack sure to swiftly follow.

Kelly Clarkson – Heartbeat Song

Kelly Clarkson Heartbeat Song

After her Christmas spectacular of 2013, ‘Wrapped In Red’, Clarkson is due a return to pop. Heartbeat Song is undeniably catchy if a little sluggish, but Since U Been Gone? My Life Would Suck Without You? I don’t think so.


Listen: Heartbeat Song is released in the UK on 1st March.

Betty Who – All Of You

Betty Who All Of You

Betty Who? Betty You-Should-Damn-Well-Know-Already more like. Look, if you’re after a huge popstar who looks like the lovechild of Robyn and P!nk and sounds like Katy Perry, then you need to be listening to Betty Who. In return, she needs to hurry up and release her debut album. Fast.


Listen: All Of You featured on Who’s EP ‘Convertible Nights’ last year.

Purity Ring – Begin Again

Purity Ring Begin Again

Describing Purity Ring’s sound as dreamy electro-pop with a girlish vocal certainly brings to mind the success of Chvrches. But, you know, Purity Ring came first with their 2012 debut ‘Shrines’. Its follow up, ‘Another Eternity’ is due out in March, from which Begin Again is taken. Ironically, it’s more a continuation of the Canadian duo’s spectral, nightmarish sound but it should see them reach a much deserved wider audience.


Listen: Begin Again features on forthcoming album ‘Another Eternity’ due out on 3rd March.

Florrie – Too Young To Remember

Florrie Too Young To Remember

As all the best pop should, Too Young To Remember sounds more than a little like Party In The USA. If anything, though, Florrie is an under-appreciated popstar and this fun piece of pastel shaded, retro-videoed pop fluff could be her biggest success to date.


Listen: Too Young To Remember is due on 8th March.

Joey Bada$ feat Kiesza – Teach Me

Joey Bada$ feat Kiesza Teach Me

If you’re going to choose anyone to teach you how to dance, you could do a lot worse than Hideaway singer Kiesza. Teach Me mixes a Bada$ rap with funk bass, horn stabs and a catchy vocal from Kiesza. It’s not quite the dance-pop smash of No Enemiesz, but it’s still 90% better than most of Kiesza’s own album.


Listen: Teach Me features on ‘B4.DA.$’ available now.

The Prodigy – Nasty

The Prodigy Nasty

You can always rely on The Prodigy to provide a filthy beat and it’s pretty remarkable that they’ve stuck stoically to their core sound over the years. The raving Nasty is no exception, heralding their return with a new album, ‘The Day Is My Enemy’. The video, meanwhile, features some fox hunters with a really bad shot.


Listen: ‘The Day Is My Enemy’ is released on 30th March.

Ciara – I Bet

Ciara I Bet

*sigh* She keeps on trying, but will Ciara ever reach the heights of super stardom? After the futuristic sound of her self-titled 2013 album, I Bet is a return to an early 00s R&B sound (around the time of her debut, ‘Goodies’). Sonically, it’s a rip of Usher’s U Got It Bad but with a vocal maturity we’re yet to see from Ciara.


Listen: I Bet will feature on Ciara’s forthcoming sixth album.

Sophia Grace – Best Friends

Sophia Grace Best Friends

The real sound of 2015.


Listen: Best Friends is available now in the US. UK release soon?