Wednesday 24 September 2014

Azealia Banks - Chasing Time

I’m not sure who is the biggest music industry joke: U2 or Azealia Banks.  Yet for one of these acts that’s about to change.  Whilst one has just released a virus via Apple, the other has just released the best track of her career.

Azealia Banks was once hailed as the coolest person in rap following her huge hit 212, but after a string of rubbish follow-up tracks, a debut album that still may never see the light of day, cancelled gigs and some poorly misjudged twitter spats, her reputation has plummeted.  It’s no wonder she was dropped by her label.

That seems to have done her the world of good, however.  Chasing Time fuses the euphoric house influences of her past material with an infectious beat, a catchy sung chorus hook and her usual feisty attitude.  “My attitude is bitchy but you already knew that / and since we can’t get along, I think we should both move on” she spits during the song’s break, the whole sentiment of the song clearly aimed towards her old label as she sings “I don’t wanna be around anymore / I’m through giving I’ve got to go” in the chorus.  This is the song that, like 212, will propel her into the mainstream whilst retaining that sense of cool we all fell in love with three years ago.

Azealia Banks is back with a vengeance, then.  Let’s hope she’s back for good.


Listen: Chasing Time will feature on forthcoming album ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ that will be released…soon?