Wednesday 2 April 2014

Clean Bandit - Extraordinary

However you want to define it, Clean Bandit’s idiosyncratic classical-dance crossover is set to be the sound of the 2014.  Rather Be has already soundtracked Q1; Extraordinary could do the same for Q2.

Whilst it begins with a mournful vocoded intro, the production soon whips up a storm of house beats, steel drums and slinky string flourishes.  This time around the band have been joined by Sharna Bass on vocals, maintaining their penchant for big soulful vocals.

Extraordinary also continues the group’s penchant for extravagant and exotic videos.  This time they’re in Cuba with a big dance routine, a little piglet and some very attractive swimwear shots if you’re so inclined.

It might not make as big a splash as Rather Be, but this is just as unique and catchy as Clean Bandit’s previous material.  That debut album in June can’t come soon enough.


Listen: Extraordinary is released on the 18th May, with the debut album ‘New Eyes’ released on 2nd June.