Monday 31 March 2014

Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down

Having Calvin Harris as your boyfriend is pretty handy really.  He's got the pop Midas touch, which is exactly what you need on the lead single for your second album comeback.

Harris hasn't let Ora down.  I Will Never Let You Down follows on from the lighter electro pop style of This Is How We Do and Radioactive rather than the R&B RIP, with a fizzing earworm of a chorus that drops in typical Harris fashion.  Fans of bright, uplifting pop music will find much to enjoy here.

Is it a departure from most electronic chart pop?  No.  What it is, is an instant hit that will be playing on repeat throughout the summer.  It looks like the forthcoming album will break out of the Rihanna-mould of 'Ora' in favour of pure pop - a welcome change.


Listen: I Will Never Let You Down is officially released on May 11th.