Tuesday 4 February 2014

The Pierces - Kings

Over the course of their previous four albums, sisterly duo The Pierces have moved slowly away from their folk/country roots, though their sound has mostly remained a cross between Fleetwood Mac and (in retrospect) the Haim sisters.

With their forthcoming album, ‘Creation’, they’ve tipped over the edge into electronic mode and sound more akin to that more recent sisterly duo, Say Lou Lou (albeit with a bit more oomph to their melodies).  That album title isn’t an accident – after the commercial high of 2011’s ‘You & I’, this is a fresh start for the duo that’s likely to bring their biggest success to date.

That’s not to say The Pierces have forgotten those roots – Kings is full of strong melodic writing, vocal harmonies and some noodling guitar, which all culminates in a grandiose chorus and its sing-along, catchy hook.  The difference, however, is that this solid songwriting is now dressed up in icy synths to give their music an extra sheen of pop polish that’s pretty palatable.

‘Creation’ isn’t due out until June 2nd, but the long wait will surely be made easier by the release of their ‘Believe In Me’ EP at the end of March.


Listen: Kings is available for free now for those who pre-order 'Creation' on iTunes.