Thursday 14 November 2013

Say Lou Lou @ Concrete, London.

Say Lou Lou may have only released a couple of singles so far but, judging by one enthusiastic fan constantly barking "I love you" throughout the gig, they already have a fiercely loyal following.

Anyone who’s been following the Swedish-Australian twins will have originally known them as Saint Lou Lou with the release of their debut single Maybe You in 2012.  Since the name change, 2013 has seen them release follow-up Julian and (later this month) their ‘Better In The Dark’ EP.  “This is amazing, it’s crazy”, they claimed at this, their first headline show in London.  With an album due out next year, thing will only get crazier.

Icona Pop might be the most successful Swedish duo of the year, but if you’re after something a bit less shouty and a bit more melodic then look no further than Say Lou Lou.  Listening to their recordings is a beautifully mesmeric experience.  The wistful lyrics and yearning melodies of Maybe You are complimented by subdued beats and shimmering synth dreamscapes, whilst Julian is laced with a melancholy only enhanced by the girls’ acoustic performance (listen here).  Then there’s Beloved: the B-Side to Better In The Dark and a stunning slice of sad-pop (“Oh if I’m your beloved, then why don’t I fit?”).

Yet as a live set (that included their cover of Tame Impala’s Feels Like We Only Go Backwards as well as original material), their dream-pop is raised to a whole new level.  The vocals remain suitably distant, but the inclusion of live drum beats, hugely euphoric synths and even a guitar solo in one new song elevates both the sound and the volume, which threatened to overpower the low ceilings of Concrete.  This was a confident performance, marrying ethereal melancholy with the sort of electro beats that only Swedes do best.  We might not be getting a new album from Robyn any time soon, but a debut LP from Say Lou Lou next year will do very nicely indeed.


Listen: The duo’s ‘Better In The Dark’ EP is released on 24th November.