Monday 2 September 2013

Foxes - Youth

Back at the start of the year, Foxes were heralded by some as a major force to keep an eye on following the ‘Warrior’ EP and single Echo – a single that was nice enough but didn't really stand out from the crowd.

Youth, however, should see singer Louisa Rose Allen living up to that initial high praise – despite being a re-release.  It comes after featuring on Clarity, a fairly generic EDM track from Russian-German producer Zedd, that has given Allen the exposure she deserves.  Between these two tracks, it’s clear that she’s moving away from the quirky Kate Bush influenced sound of ‘Warrior’ towards a more radio-friendly electronic sound.  This might be a tad disappointing, but when the chorus of Youth kicks in with its utter hands in the air appeal, you won’t care.

It’s also featured on the latest Debenhams advert, so…you know...that should give the sales a boost.


Listen: Youth is released on 20th October.