Tuesday 10 September 2013

Arcade Fire - Reflektor

Canadians Arcade Fire are best known for their indie-rock, so moving in a more dance-orientated direction may seem like an odd decision.  On the contrary, this just shows the breadth of the band's influences and wide-reaching musical style.

That's not to say the guitars and dual vocals have been forgotten, just that they now sit alongside a drum beat characterised by conga drums, saxophone surges and synth noodling for a sound that fuses rock and house.  And at nearly eight minutes in length, it's as hypnotic as any dance track - not to mention the vocals repeatedly singing "It's just a reflektor" conspiratorially.  The track is accompanied by an interactive video (you can watch here), though it's more a curiosity than likely to set the world alight.

Reflektor itself is a different story though.  As one of the best tracks the band have released, there are high hopes for the forthcoming album of the same name.  Can they repeat the huge success of 'The Suburbs'?


Listen: Reflektor is available now.