Monday 3 June 2013

Thumpers - Unkinder

It's fitting that the press shot for 'Unkinder', the debut EP from Thumpers, is on a beach.

Opener (and title track) Unkinder (A Tougher Love) is as bouncy as an inflatable balloon on a sandy bed of electronics and guitars, with an air of breezy pop melodies.  That David Kosten (Bat for Lashes, Everything Everything) had a hand in the production is apparent; buzzing with creativity yet delicately crafted, this is a laid back slice of summer.

It's followed by Marazion Bay, here to soundtrack the sunset.  You can practically hear the soft crashing of waves in the space between the breathy opening vocals and the gentle piano chords, the light slowly fading as romantic melodies are carried off into the darkness on a tide of tapping percussion.

Then shit gets crazy.  The final track is a cover of Bjork's Innocence, featuring the alternative choir Gaggle.  That heady concoction you've taken finally kicks in (or is it just heat stroke?), the beats jerking in time to your stumbling dancing upon the sand, a wave of psychedelic voices calling to you in the dark as the stars twinkle with a knowing wink.

Surely that marks a good day at the beach, no?


Listen: 'Unkinder' is available now.