Sunday, 23 June 2013

Lorde - Tennis Court

Lorde is the latest pop thing to come out of New Zealand, a country that's hardly well known for its music.  The precocious sixteen year old is bounding onto the music scene with this EP of dark electro pop, hints of hip-hop, a snarling vocal and youthful lyrics.  Apparently the "tennis courts" are the new bike sheds.

Sound familiar?  The comparison with Charli XCX is an obvious one and in the fast paced world of pop, Lorde marks a considerable adversary for the UK starlet.  That said, this 'Tennis Court' EP lacks the developed production of 'True Romance', with its mix of bubblegum and goth aesthetics.  Instead, it has an icier, darker tone that belies the singer's youth.  Swingin Party is far from the thrill the title might suggest, but title track Tennis Court is a clear single with its clipped beats, whilst Biting Down and Bravado clash layers of vocal harmonies and fragmented beats.

Between this EP and previous single Royals, Lorde exudes enough cool and personality to prove her potential.  Finally, New Zealand is on the musical map.


Listen: Tennis Courts is available now.